Sukari Apple and Plum Chutney

Most folks take summer vacations to get away.  But I hate leaving home in the summer and prefer winter vacations. Summers in Palestine are miraculous…at least to me.  I get so excited with the array of fruits coming of age ready to be eaten.  Each week the fellaheen (farmers) offer new things.  Some plants continue to produce all summer long such as the zucchini and eggplant, while others are available for a short stint, such as the sukari apples or mistikawi apricots, or heirloom tomatoes. Since they are so short lived, I want to save them for a rainy day.  I try to preserve them for a day when there are no fresh fruits.

At last Saturday’s farmers market, I over bought sukari apples and red juicy plums.  I tasted one and I bought the whole bucket.  They were delicious and ripe, but way too many to be eaten within the next week.  So I decided to cook some for home preservation and some for gifts to all the wonderful friends who save jars for me.

Sukari Apple and Plum Chutney

1 kilo sukari apples, chopped, cores discarded into your compost pile

½ kilo ripe plums, chopped, seeds discarded as well

½ cup sugar

¼ cup of your favorite vinegar

Place apples, plums, and sugar in medium pot over medium heat and stir periodically.  As you stir, mash the apples and plums with the base of the spoon.  As the fruit softens and cooks, add the vinegar.  The vinegar should be added after 30 minutes of fruit cooking and stirring.  Continue to cook over low heat and stir periodically.

While the apples and plums are cooking, I boil water in a large tea kettle.  I pour the boiled water into the jars and onto the lids that I plan to use.   I want to make sure that the jars are clean and sterilized.

The apple plum chutney should be done within 40 minutes.  The apples should be soft and mush.  The plums should have dissolved into the thick sauce.

Pour the water out of the jars and fill the jars with the apple plum chutney and seal with the lid.

Save in your pantry for a rainy day.  Or give as a gift.

Eat the apple plum chutney on its own, or with granola, or over plain yogurt, or on buttered toast.

Note:  I like to taste my fruit and so I do not add a lot of sugar.  I like the tart of the plums with the sweet of the apples. But you can add more sugar for your preference.



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