braised goat tongue and spinach soup

My friend is on a 21 day detox.  No coffee, or dairy, or sugar, or gluten…  I can’t do it.  I need my coffee.  But the detox formula calls for meat, especially organs.  Mmmm…I haven’t had organs in a while.  So I bought two goat tongues embedded in the jaw along with the adjoining face meat and two bunches of spinach.  I braised the goat tongues/jaws for a few hours in water spiced with dried lemons, dried ginger, a dash of vinegar and salt.  When cooled, I removed the tongue and face meat from the jaw bone, chopped the meat and returned to the liquid in the pot.  I saved the jaw bones for my dog.  I added the chopped spinach to the pot.  And simmered for another hour.  So satisfying.  And totally compliant with the detox cleanse.

What do you think of organ meat?  

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