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What to do with my baladi eggs and baladi potatoes?

After a six-month winter hiatus, my three chickens have started to produce some eggs.  I love the large creamy yolks. And after trying these free-range chicken eggs, it’s difficult to go back to the factory eggs where chickens spend their … Continue reading

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baladi batata…at last

I finally found baladi batata (potato).  After searching through the main market, al hisbeh, in Al-beirh, the vendors told me that there is no baladi Palestinian batata in the market.  The Israeli potato, polished and packed in mesh bags, was … Continue reading

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More nutritious than kale and its local

The kale in my garden was struggling.  I planted it last Spring, and nearly one year later, it has not seeded, nor have the leaves reproduced in any sort of fertile mode.  But the swiss chard that was planted at … Continue reading

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