More nutritious than kale and its local

The kale in my garden was struggling.  I planted it last Spring, and nearly one year later, it has not seeded, nor have the leaves reproduced in any sort of fertile mode.  But the swiss chard that was planted at the same time as the kale has seeded and expanded and continues to flourish in my perennial greens and herb garden.  The parsley is looking healthy as well giving me enough leaves whenever I am in the mood for tabouleh.  But I wanted the kale to succeed.  It was the superfood, right?  There is even a ‘development’ project in Palestine that is claiming that kale is baladi Palestinian produce.

But then a friend shared a link that listed ten greens that were healthier than kale.  According to this link, parsley and swiss chard are healthier than kale.  Even leaf lettuce, beet greens, and spinach (all growing in my humble garden) are healthier than kale.

I decided to enjoy my super healthy greens for dinner tonight.  I cut some parsley leaves, swiss chard leaves, a bit of arugula as most of it already went to seed, and some wild mustard flowers and leaves.  It’s Friday.  It’s been a long week.  I am tired.  So I decided to go raw.  Raw green salads from my garden to my table for dinner tonight.  With the podcast, The Splendid Table, in the background.

Parsley Salad



A couple handfuls of raw pine nuts

Coarse salt

Olive oil

Juice from one lemon

Chop parsley, arugula and pine nuts in the food processor. Mix in salt, olive oil and lemon juice to suit your taste. I love the spice of the arugula and the creaminess of the pine nuts in this parsley salad.

Swiss Chard Salad

Swiss Chard

Wild Mustard flowers – a handful

Wild Mustard leaves – a handful

Your favorite vinaigrette

Thinly slice the swiss chard, mustard flowers and mustard leaves.   The swiss chard is bland, so a good vinaigrette is essential. The mustard provides a nice spicy bite to this salad.

We have an abundance of these ‘weeds’, aka mustard, in Palestine. I used to weed them out, but now I let them be. I nibble on them as I work in the yard. A perfect pre-lunch snack.

My favorite vinaigrette is made of olive oil, grape vinegar, a teaspoon of good mustard, and a bit of grape molasses/dibs.

parsley and swiss chard salads with a couple of homemade crackers for a quiet Friday dinner

parsley and swiss chard salads with a couple of homemade crackers for a quiet Friday dinner

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