Cabbage salad in creamy almond butter dressing

I’m in garden starvation mode.  I have harvested my spring greens, peas, and fava beans.   I just planted seeds for the summer harvest.  Besides my motley of herbs, and a few loquats on my little tree, my garden is bare.  I harvested the parsley last week for a nice tabouleh.  The parsley needs another week or so to grow back.  I picked some thyme, marjoram, and mint for a new tabouleh.  But my body is craving more green.  My chickens are famished; they have been poking at their eggs.  My eggs!  I needed to save the eggs.  I have not figured out how to grow food to eliminate this starvation period.

I broke down and bought two heads of cabbage from the main market, partly to feed my chickens and save my eggs, and partly to feed me.

Cabbage slaw in creamy almond butter dressing

I didn’t measure.  I don’t think exact measurements matter with this salad.  Just taste the dressing and keep adjusting the ingredients until you like the flavor and the texture/thickness.   Thinly slice green and purple cabbage and a bit of onion to fill a bowl.    I also added sun flower seeds to this bowl.  In a small bowl, mix tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, almond butter, salt, and ground flax seed.  You may need to add some water for a more fluid texture.  Pour dressing over cabbage and mix well.

I had the almond butter in my fridge.  I made it a month ago when I had the craving for a pb&j.  Simply grind almonds and a bit of olive oil in a food processor until it achieves the texture of a smooth almond butter.

I gave my chickens slices of cabbage – without the dressing.

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    This blog is from my friend Aisha, we did our masters together. She’s very cool!

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