apricot custard

It’s finally that time of year – the short two week window- where the baladi apricot has ripened for our enjoyment.  We are having a good season this year.  The market is full of the small baladi apricot known as mishmish mistikawi.  And this Sunday, we are going apricot picking at a local farm in kufr malik, a village outside of Ramallah.

But I have already indulged in the harvest and have been eating apricot custard all week.  Simply grease a baking dish, fill the baking dish half way with sliced fresh apricots, and then cover with the custard mixture.  To make the custard mixture, mix six eggs and one cup of sugar in a large bowl.  Add a 1/2 cup of milk, 4 tablespoons of whole wheat flour, a bit of coarse salt, and some good vanilla.  Mix.  Pour over apricots.  Bake in a preheated oven for approximately 35 minutes at 200 degrees.  The custard should be firm.  Cool to room temperature and eat!

This has been my breakfast (and dinner) everyday this week.  A perfect start to the day.


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