Apple chutney, preserving the summer

We organized an apple picking at a nearby orchard in the village of Surda, just outside Ramallah.  Abu Osama, orchard owner, invited us to pick from his bounty.  The early figs, da four, were already gone.  But he still had plums and the small baladi sweet apple.  While I enjoy eating fresh fruit in season, I love preserving fruit for when there is no seasonal fruit available.  I would rather eat a jar of my home made apple sauce rather than buy out of season apples imported from who knows where and grown in harmful conditions.

Tonight, I decided to cook some of the apples into a sweet-sour-cinnamony apple chutney.  I never measure when cooking fruit for preserving.  I am a lazy cook.

Apple Chutney:

a whole bunch of ripe apples, I filled my pot mid-way

sugar, I used a half cup

cinnamon, about 1 tablespoon

vinegar, I used a half cup of grape vinegar

Chop apples and leave apple cores for the compost or chickens. Mix all ingredients in a large pot.  Cook over medium heat stirring periodically until liquid absorbed and apples tender.  Boil a teapot full of water.  Pour the boiled water in the glass jars and metal caps that will house the apple chutney. Empty the jars and fill with apple chutney and tighten lid.  When cool, store apple chutney in your pantry.


What are you preserving this summer? Tell me.

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